We spent a crispy winter day outside shooting this latest beauty from Unique Custom C
ycles - UCC
. Too bad I was behind the camera, the bike looked awesome to ride!

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Glemseck 101

Amazing Racing - Glemseck 101

Many thanks to Jörg Litzburger and your entire team for the invitation to both race and shoot on this legendary track!
Glemseck 101 is an event that all racers really should have on their bucket list & a photographer's dream!

If you are interested in the story for your magazine, don't hesitate to contact me!

See more pictures here!

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Check out Unique Custom Cycles latest project. The BMW R1150 Café Racer.
Displayed at BIKE Exif and at UCC's own website!

See more of my photos here!

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It's allways a pleasure to work for BMW Motorrad, but this time it was something extra!
They celebrating the 80'th anniversary of their famous legendary bike The R5. And to honour that they asked UCC - Unique Custom Cycles to build them a conceptbike of the R5. 

See all the official press pictures here >>

And see the project at BMW Motorrads web special here >>

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Some times you need to practice and then this babe is the perfect partner in crime! 

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To day my bike and photos got published at Bike Exif.
The bike is built by the legend Ronna Norén at UCC - Unique Custom Cycles and crew.
Really glad to get such nice display of our work.
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There is not much that beats to photograph puppies. This cute little puppy is a Bavarian Tracking Dog, 4 months old and her name is Siri.
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Today I had the honor to perpetuate Sebastian on his first birthday.
A great little guy who has already fought for his life and is stronger and sweeter than ever today.
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To be a small part of of two persons best day of life is very special! When one of your closest friendsis extra emotional.

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